Links is an information resource by e-discovery attorney and technologist, Ralph Losey, to help bridge the knowledge gap between the disciplines of Law and Information Science. This page records some of his favorite web page links.

Losey's e-Discovery Team Links:,  Losey's e-Discovery Blog. Keep up with the latest news and trends in e-Discovery.,  Home Page for Akerman's e-Discovery Team. Our web includes a password protected area restricted to clients and Team members only.,  Akerman Senterfitt's web, including a description of the e-Discovery Team.,   Ralph Losey's personal law web, the first legal web in Florida.

Top Trends in e-Discovery,  A reprint of one of Ralph's more popular blogs.


General e-Discovery: An educational group very influential in creating the standards of e-Discovery The Electronic Discovery Reference Model Project; a non-profit industry group influential in creating vendor standards. Federal Judicial Center; see the link for Electronic Discovery on the title page of Educational Programs and Materials, for a wealth of materials, an excellent Blog with e-discovery case updates by KL Gates  e-discovery news and more, a good e-Discovery Blog by Larry Wescott, Monica Bay's Blog "The Common Scold" Electronic data discovery news and analysis EDD section of  Good general resource

E-Discovery Institute. A non-profit investigating e-discovery search. Information requirements Clearinghouse for info, software, training on information retention policies and practices, American Bar Association Technology Resource Center Information from the Digital Discovery team of Harvard Law School students, Lawyer Lounge section on e-Discovery with more good links. FindLaw for Legal Professionals section on electronic discovery. This is a high quality social network site for lawyers which is by invitation only. Write me for an invite. News and commenary about contract attorneys, the good folks who do much of the e-discovery review work.


Industry Commentators and

Law Journals:


Ken Withers,,  Main educator of the federal judiciary on electronic discovery, now with Sedona.

Craig Ball,  Lawyer, expert witness, consultant, special master, writer and educator. See his great list of links too.,  The blog behind the Losey's books, called e-Discovery Team. Contains Ralph's editorial writings and that of guest bloggers.

George Socha. Consulting services. A founder of EDRM.

Mary Mack. Corporate Technology Counsel for Fios, Inc.

Sharon Nelson. Ride the Lightening. Electronic evidence blog.

Gabe Acevedo. Gabe's Guide to the e-Discovery Universe. Good short blog.  A blog by e-discovery text book author Michael Arkfeld

Payne Group. IT Consulting.

Andy Atkins. Legal Technology Institute. Law office automation.  Dennis Kennedy. Legal technology in general.

Journal of Technology Law and Policy,   University of Florida Law School Journal. They have a complete listing of similar law school journals at

Harvard Journal of Law and Technology  Good articles on a variety of topics, including intellectual property, biotechnology, e-commerce, cybercrime, the Internet, telecommunications, and evidentiary technology.

Stanford Technology Law Review,  A forum for intellectual discourse on critical issues at the intersection of law, science, technology, and public policy.

Federal Courts Law Review,   The content is not limited to technology, but includes many e-discovery articles of note. It is an on-line law review edited by our federal judiciary with the help of academics and the Charleston School of Law. A good one for anyone practicing in district courts to know about.


International: EU Protection Rights. British Barrister expert on digital evidence. British IT lawyer's web. French forensics experts.

Electronic Disclosure. A Wiki of information on British e-discovery.

LIST. Litigation Support Technology Group, a UK think tank.


General Tech: Web for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers "IEEE" Computer Society; where true computing professionals go for information) About the Internet and American life, cited by Sedona; keep up with latest trends Good general site referred to by Sedona, and read by CIOs and their staff; run a search on e-Discovery and get over 12,000 hits.

Internet Archive. The home of the "Way Back Machine" were you can see what many web pages used to look like. A very complete reference of file extensions. Newsletters on legal technology.


General Records and Standards:,   School of Information management at the University of California, Berkeley. An excellent site for statistics on the amount of electronic data in today's world. - International Organization for Standards, including records management - nonprofit global consortium dedicated to developing e-business standards


A Select Few Vendor sites: West Thompson Books on e-Discovery.,  Electronic discovery leader, Concept search engine company which is now part of Kroll Ontrack., a leading consultant in this area.,  Vendor for management and analysis of electronic data,  Electronic Evidence Discovery, Inc. founded in 1987,   Lexis-owned Applied Discovery, Computer Forensics and Analysis by attorney Andy Reisman and his team of techs

www.etginc, Emerging Technologies Group; e-discovery and expert witnesses, e-discovery support services,  conceptual visualization e-discovery software, Investigations and Search Software Full service e-discovery vendor. litigation support and collaboration software. litigation support company which also provides two free software tools, an XML load file converter and an e-discovery cost estimator.


Software: Get free Hash here! Ralph Losey's article explains hash and hashing, a mathematical computer process for identifying and preserving electronic evidence. This site provides software where you can hash any file and thereby detect whether it has been altered. The price is right and it works well on individual files.

Wave Software, De-Duplicate, Review, Re-Generate Software, ATLAS Software for Litigation Hold Management Legal hold management software., Guidance Software, makers of EnCase. About 80% market share., Forensic Toolkit; second most favorite forensic software., Software to filter, search and review e-documents; now a part of Iron Mountain, Password cracking, disk cleaning, Repair and recover hard drives,   Excellent metadata wiper for sharing documents,  e-discovery software for law firms, Many programs to try out on EDD




An excellent explanation of Rule 26 by Iron Mountain's John Cleese:



Rule 37(f) Safe Harbor - an animated interpretation:



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